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Hello this is my first time posting pics of blue prints on here so if something goes wrong with them I apologize. This is a compact AC unit I created after watching Brothgars latest video. I'm using the Thermo Regulator (I think that's what its called) to control the temp of the air if it is not my desired temp it is cycled back into the system to be cooled down again. Something to note is that when gases or liquids are stored in a reservoir the temp is averaged so I'm using that to get the temp I want. I've set up a cooling loop using cold PHo that is easily gotten from a cold slush geyser. Once the temp gets to high it turns on the pumps cooling the Regulator and once the water gets to hot the doors open flushing the system and it would send it off to the water sieve to cooled. The same set up can be used with an aquatinter to cool the water for blossoms ive even got the water down to 31 degrees Fahrenheit (sorry I never learned Celsius in school) perfect for sleet wheat.






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Hi, this look more like a draft than a running blueprint to me, let's take a deeper look on it.
I'm using similars setup for my cooling gas/liquid builds, but here you gonna face to some problems (pointing the "in a reservoir the temp is averaged") you need to constantly keep some contents in the Gas Reservoir/Liquid Reservoir to reach the perfect desired temp, i.e. i'm keeping 4500kg liquid or 140kg gas in it for better average temp. And to achieve this you need 3 things :
-Pre-fill the Reservoir with desired element
-Then add to the loop exactly same amount of material than going out
-As the input could not be consistant you can disable system by automation when input pipe is empty, because if the system is going empty incoming material just gonna be outputted at a random temp under the trigger one...

Set both bottom Element Sensor to desired looped element.


On 10/11/2018 at 4:43 AM, TheEvilMango said:

This is a compact


You can add an other Reservoir just after the first Element Sensor to add a buffer and bridge out the over flow on the first bridge down left.
Plus your polluted water cooling system is in a dead-end. You'll need to delete some heat sometime there.

Keep it up !

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I wounder how mixing gases in a tank  works is it possible to have a hydrogen cooling loop running threw your oxygen tank would they balance temps 

i do know the output will prioritize the gas coming into the input meaning that if you put hydrogen in to a tank that already has oxygen in it the hydrogen will bypass the tank and just come out the other side but if you blocked the output it will build up in the tank 

The benefit would be a lower power cost as it takes the same amount of power to cool the higher thermal mass of the hydrogen intern cooling more oxygen 

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