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The Improvised "Complete DS" Challenge - add your bits/other ideas?

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Since DS doesn't have, and will never have, any achievements, and I know some people are like me and like to play with goals in mind, how about putting together some coherent, yet reasonable (as in - does not require a 1000 days mega base) community challenge that would give the completionists among us something to aim for?

I don't know if it's anyone's fancy, but I like such things. If anyone else does, please add your suggestions to the list :) I don't know Shipwrecked and Hamlet very well yet, and I'm sure there's some fun stuff lurking about that could be added, too.

A few things I thought of below. I'm not the most creative when it comes to challenges, pardon! I mostly wanted to throw the idea out but it would be lame not to try and start it off with some bits. I will add/remove others' suggestions here, if anyone wants to join:



- Start in the Hamlet (travel to other worlds by Skyworthy later)

- Unlock all characters (including Maxwell)

- Defeat every boss in every expansion at least once

- Unlock every crafting recipe

- Create a Doydoy farm of 10+ Doydoys

- Build a sustainable base in the Ruins

- Collect 1 of each junk item and put them on display

- Build a Masterfarm 1 (5x5 fields of each plant that can be planted, all in 1 world as long as transplanting turfs allows)

- Build a Masterfarm 2 (farm plot with 1 of each crop planted)

- Build a Koalefant pen with 1 of each (or more, if you're using Koalefanta Probiosomething mod)

- Build a Beefalo pen (3+ animals)

- Build a Volt Goat pen (3+ animals)

- Build a Peagawk pen (3+ animals)


And if you have ideas for other, entirely different challenges, by all means, feel free to share them.

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