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Vacuum wrapper

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There is a lot of scenarios where stuff ofgassing is more af an annoyance than anything else. Hot stuff tends to overheat your base when accidentally put in compactors. Late game food will spoil eventually even in fridges forcing you to use sterile atmosfphere rooms.

What all those have in common? It would be nice if you could wrap those things in a vacuum bag and stop caring about it spoiling, ofgassing etc. That`s why i`d like to suggest a machine that can wrap anything into a plastic bag and completely insulate it from the outsides. Machine would just require plastic delivery to function. It would work as a checkpoint (like sinks), everytime a dupe passes by carrying something it would get wrapped in a vacuum bag. This way slime delivered to base would be safe to store anywhere. Food could be stored indefinetly and hot rock will no longer be a problem. All at the cost of some plastic a bit power and high tier research.

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