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Slush geyser above a Volcano... ideas?

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Just found one on top of the other. never used a volcano before, could I let the water drip towards the volcano and make a steam turbine above it + get free oxygen?

There is also an iron volcano relatively close by inside an ice biome that I haven't touched yet. About 2 screens above this screenshot.

Post pics of your volcano bases if you have any plz.

60 second eruption period and 9000 seconds waiting seems kinda trash though ngl.

Volcano and slush geyser.png


pic of iron volcano

iron Volcano and slush geyser.png

I also have a Nat gas geyser, oil reservoir and slush geyser next to each other on the opposite side of the map that I'm about to start building around if anyone has any clever ideas where they might interact with each other.

Just gonna make a really basic power plant otherwise.

Oil slush nat gas.png

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