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How to use an ATEN efficiently?

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Can anyone show me ATEN set ups that can cool down large bodies of water? Im running out of food so i need to switch to using those gristly berries. Unfortunately, my water reservoir is 50C because i overused my metal refinery and most of my industrial stuff surrounding it. Slowly cooling the entire area is not an option as it will take an exceptionally long amount of time so i figured I need to pump some of that water to a nearby ATEN and cool it down to a nice 25C at the very least. But no matter what i try to do, any set up i create is simply too inefficient and time consuming.

So yeah, anyone willing to sure their set ups?

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Short answer you can't... at least effectevly. The rule of thumb - cool gas with gas or liqiud, but liquid only with liquid. ATEN's cooling power is the same as about 7 wheezwort at hydrogen, it's not very much for cooling liquid at large volumes.

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Wheezeworts and AETNs are the simplest cooling methods but also by far the weakest. They are often just used for basic air conditioning and the like.

Water cooling is usually done with an aquatuner in a polluted water pool. You can later sieve the polluted water to get rid of some of the heat since it outputs 40°C water.

Another method is to build a steel aquatuner and cool it with a steam turbine. This is a more powerful but also more sophisticated setup. You get the gist of it from the following post:


It is basically the same setup with an aquatuner just that the aquatuner is in the turbine room and the pipes go out. The light gas on top of the turbine is used to push down the steam. Check the thread and possibly try this out in sandbox/debug mode so you find out how to build it and how much of what you need to pump into the turbine room.

But you are probably asking the wrong question. It looks like you can avoid all of this just by farming mushrooms or ranching pacus.

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