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What Hamlet needs

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Hi guys so I've played the hell out of the closed beta and I've really enjoyed it so far. I know that there are still loads of more content to come when the game is fully released but I'm hoping that some issues will be addressed when it's finally released!

I find myself being able to rush the bee boss and the snake boss by day 10 and then having nothing to do. I feel as though this is mainly because of no seasonal bosses or special mobs (like mac tusk) which give you reasons to prepare before hand.

Also I feel as though it's a bit silly with the seasons (I know there is another to come) only requiring a simple hat that you can get without much effort.. I would love to see things like in RoG food doesn't grow back during winter or as I said.. special mobs, there's a lot of stuff you guys can do here.

So, I'm not complaining but just addressing what issues I feel need to be looked at for the release. Although an experienced player will always have no problems, there is usually an incentive to prepare for an upcoming boss or item that I feel is really missing in Hamlet and would do so well with it. 

All in all, the game is fantastic and with a few tweaks here and there (more end game/long term goals) it will be perfect and I can't wait to see the final product!



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in RoG we had winter, which needed preparation
in shipwrecked, the moonsoon required much preparation to avoid loss of the whole base, the whole season, and then you should be careful abou being at base in dry season
in hamlet we got:
- humid season: a season that basicly make sandstorm effect at random (and makes you wet), but the slowness can be removed with a hat...
- lush season: insanity, and spiky bush-things that cover the whole jungle as walls. and the gas mask, ive seen many players write about how it can stop hayfever very easily.
- aporkalypse season: it seem like its permanent night, so this might get hard in some way, really hopes its not as disappointning as the other seasons.
but we should also remember that the seasons dont last as long as the seasons in RoG, meaning less time to prepare

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