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A few ideas for DS Hamlet

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Buildings and NPC
Carrying the oincs with you can be quite a pain, at least in the early game when you still don't own the house. Maybe if you can store your oincs in the bank and when you buy something the money gets discounted from the bank. Maybe to make it more balanced you have to pay the bank a few oincs every 3 or 5 days. Maybe they can sell you a recipe to make a safe (a bigger chest with 12 slots) and it can't be opened by the pogs.

Library: Maybe a place where you can sell old books or scrolls that you found in the ruins, this books also may unlock events in Hamlet after you found them. For example, you found a book/scroll that speak about a boss hidden somewhere in Hamlet, but you can't fight that boss unless you found the scroll or the book and the librarian translate the old lenguage from the book or something. Then you can read the book as many times as you want after you gave it to the librarian pig or something.
I also thought about the idea of a pig that sell newspapers with tips for players for 1 or 2 oincs, also some newspapers can unlock events, this is just a simple idea similar to the library.

Clothier: Like the hat seller you can buy clothes from him or materials to create your own (this is just an idea, it may be kinda unbalanced).

Pet shop: Let you buy a pet, similar to how it works on DST.

Wanted posts: It gives you a quest per day and you have only one day to complete it. If you succed you get paid with oincs from one of the NPC from the city. The misions can be hunting misions (kill a few mobs) or a recollection mision (bring a specific item to a NPC).

Mobs and bosses
Roc: A giant boss bird that fly around certain areas of Hamlet, you can see the shadow of the Roc on the ground when he passes close to where you are, to make him come down and fight you need to prepare a special crock pot recipe. Then place it on the ground to lure the boss down when you see his shadow.

Bramble lord: A boss plant that spawns on the lush season, it can summon brambles around you and has a ranged thorn attack that can poison the target some times. He also can summon vines if you're fighting him on the jungle.

Merms with tiki masks: A mob that spawn on jungle areas, similar to Mac Tusk they move around hunting. They have a ranged attack with blow darts, they drop blow darts and a tiki mask with low chance. The mask gives you little protection and removes the leafy effect from the jungle when you walk around there.

Dangling depth dweller: Silk it's hard to come by in Hamlet right now, and you can't buy silk. Maybe this mobs should be in the ruins in some rooms or act as a trap on some rooms. Maybe if you don't want them to respawn make them a one time kill on the ruins and that's it, unlike the caves where they can respawn.

Spider Queen: White version like the dangling depth dweller, it spawn on the ruins in a big room where you can move around and fight her. Unlike the normal spider queen she can spit spider web to immobilize you or cover the ground with it and summons spiders like the normal spider queen every few seconds. 

Ruin traps
Log trap: 
The classic log trap with ropes that comes down and hit you. You can destroy it for logs and grass (maybe rope too).

Poison gas room: When you trigger the trap that close the room until you weight down the pressure plate, the room starts to fill with poison gas.

Snake trap: When you trigger the trap that close the room until you weight down the pressure plate, a few snakes fall from holes in the walls.




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