Hatching smallbirds

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So I decided to hatch my first smallbird today and it's adorable! After reading the wiki though, I'm wondering- do they just become random wandering tallbirds when they grow up or do they settle in one spot and build a nest like the tallbirds that spawn with the world do? If not, they should. (my world spawned only one tallbird nest >.>)

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Alright, now you have a following Smallbird, here's a short tutorial and tips.1. Hatch Tallbird Egg near fire at night and Hatch it without fire at day.2. Once they hatch, they'll need food, provide seeds and berries for them.3. They'll follow you everywhere, you attack, they attack.4. Smallbirds will peck you when they are hungry.5. They'll sleep near you, make sure they don't get hurt by any hostile mobs.6. Once they are at the 2nd Stage, aka SmallishBird they'll keep following you, doing the same thing.7. Once they are at their 3rd Stage, it's time for them to go, They'll go aggressive like any other TallBird, simply it doesn't remember you from old age, how sad. Find a Tallbird's nest or imprison it near one so you can farm it.8. ???9. PROFIT

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