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Water gets polluted Water - Magic?!

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Hey there,


I found a cool steam Geyser right in the middle of an Ice Biome. Seemed pretty cool in the beginning.

The problem is: If the geyser errupts, the Water will cool down immideatly. It'll start freeze at around 0°c. When the clean Water freezes it turns itself into polluted Water instantly. Does anyone of you know about that?! How can i prevent the Water from getting polluted Water?




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Are you sure that it's not polluted ice melting from the steam? You should end up with a layer of polluted water (from the ice) under a layer of clean water.

Also, polluted water is a massive boon. Run the cold polluted water through hot areas, then run it through a Water Sieve once it's significantly hotter than 40C. The Sieve will cool it back down to exactly 40C, destroying a lot of heat.

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