Smoker and jerky

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I don't think this has been suggested as such, although some people have mentioned making jerky and similar items (which I think would be a good idea) and others have suggested using the crock pot.

In real life, you can't make jerky with a campfire (because that would cook the meat lol) so something like a smoker could be used instead. It would probably be made with stone/cut stone similar to the crock pot, and may need fuel to smoke things (depending on whether fuel use is implemented for the crock pot).

Food produced

(I know it's been talked about elsewhere, but I thought I'd add my ideas here)

The smoker would be used to make jerky and smoked fish. In my opinion, the jerky products should be something like this:

Morsels and frog legs would probably make a jerky nuggets or something (for example, like this), where as larger meats would just make jerky.

Monster meat, if usable in the smoker, would obviously make monster jerky (which obviously follows the same idea as all monster meat food). Fish would become smoked fish or kippers or something similar (like these).

No 'cooked' (and if possible no spoiled) food would be able to be smoked.

For the values it has, as it is a 'preserved' food, it should last longer than normal, but would perish (to prevent immensly large food stores). Health restorage should be similar, but hunger restorage should be reduced (because IRL, the jerky produced is smaller than the amount of meat you start with, and a few pieces of dried meat shouldn't fill you up too much). It should restore some sanity, because this is a civilised thing.

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