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"No jetting" checkpoint/zone

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Damn clones, you with the fancy hats, get off my lawn balm lily farm.

Those good-for-nothing little bandits ignore regular suit checkpoints, so there is no good way of keeping them out of places they should not be jetting around in.

Jetting produces a lot of CO2 and they jet even in places where they could walk faster. They contaminate refineries, balm plantations, drecko farms etc. They move much slower than proper athletic dupe sprinters (especially noticeable on long stretches of ladders).


Here are some simple (from user's side, not sure about pathing) ideas on how to implement this:

  • A new mode in checkpoint: do not drop suit (if there are no free docks). Basically, the checkpoint only exists to prevent dupes without specific kind of suit from passing through. Advantage: no need for new buildings. As a bonus, this would be useful for staging checkpoints (for example, for easier maintenance).
  • A new checkpoint type is added: suit requirement/restriction checkpoint. Allows selecting suit type and direction (like doors, but with suit types instead of dupes). Advantage: ability to let in only naked dupes.
  • "Suit required/not allowed here" flag. Marks the whole room it is in as passable/unpassable with specific kinds of suits. Advantage: if a tile breaks, jetters won't easily exploit this to bypass the checkpoint, since the flag would mark large areas.
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