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Pigs eatting all my food?

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So I have probably about 10 pigs following me around right now, I use them to chop trees and kill spiders, though recently I giant tree beat the living poo out of a lot of them and since then they've been eatting all my food.

Every time I kill a rabbit with my spear or direct them to kill a rabbit they quickly shove it in their mouth and eat it. I am assuming they are low on health. Do they have a food meter too? Will they stop eatting my rabbits?

I went from having 2 stacks of cooked meat to just 2 cooked meat alone. I am moving to an area on the map where there arnt many rabbits and want to stock up on food. How do I get them to stop?

Also I saw this weird nest and bird thing...I didnt get too close for fear that it would rip my innards out. Is it aggro or not?

Im on day 27, character 2, second game.

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So, pigs will feed themselves until they are full, and then stop eating food on the ground. This is unless you feed them yourself routinely. IT is annoying, and I wold suggest stockpiling food before you start an army.

That's a tall bird. IT will attack you if you take its egg, attack it, or stay really close too long. It will warn you first though.

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well I've been feeding them monster meat though when I throw monster meat on the ground they wont grab it. Only when a monster drops it or when I click them with it occasionally. I dont want to kill them because they make killing nests easier, and I found a quarry with a ton of rocks and spider nests

edit: Killed them all and they ate eachother :3

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