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Bed assignments - An observation

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Playing "A normal game" without debug, without creating med bay rooms, with 20,50,100,200 dupes I always experienced that med beds where sometimes auto-assigned, often auto un-assigned and often not assigned at all. Maybe because I had not created individual medical rooms on those played maps ? :confused:

In debug mode with 229 dupes and the last beta patch Ive just now replaced 96 med beds with plastic beds. Until the cycle ended only 7 had been auto-assigned, with a hundred dupes standing nearby doing nothing. On the new cycle, all available beds have been auto assigned - Superb, mini health recovery for all dupes without further manual interaction of the player :D

Don't kill my fun by creating a room requirement in the future for beds in terms of auto-assignment, I need fast dupe pathfinding and I love "ONI Factorio" ! ;)


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