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how to add new item in game?


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i want to add a farmplot,with cutgrass and rot(item name spoiled_food)something likeRecipe("farmplot", {Ingredient("cutgrass", 6),Ingredient("poop", 2)}, RECIPETABS.FARM, 0, 0, "farmplot_placer")change to Recipe("farmplot_b", {Ingredient("cutgrass", 6),Ingredient("spoiled_food", 10)}, RECIPETABS.FARM, 0, 0, "farmplot_placer")i add item in prefabs.xml,and some lua file and tex file(simplely copy farmplot)still got wrong result,when spawn,game crashes.so how can i add a new item in game,and add it correct to the menu?

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Hard to say whether adding new items is currently possible.....not sure if something has to be done on the simulator side which we do not have access to.What is the error message in the log.txt file in the bin folder? (after the game crashes using your changes)

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