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Klei account game list issue! CAN'T find game in klei account of my steam game!

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YeMzZ    0

I owned ALL klei game. but in my klei account list only listed two game. Don't Starve Together and Hot Lava. As  @JoeW saied in other topic:


Mainly we are looking for people who own DS and have at least played it. We're looking for feedback from people who know the game, and have played SW, so we will probably prioritize on time played and whether you own SW.

Will this issue affect my Hamlet DLC register?

Here's my game list on Steam and Klei Account.

Steam game list

klei account game list

Game Play Time:




and Steam Profile

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JoeW    31758

Well, first of all. Thanks for your support =)

Second, this is an issue with the account system not showing all the games but it won't affect you're chances of getting into the beta. We'll check it out, thank you. 

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