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Divers - Would you like that in the game ?

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Would you like diving suits in the game ? As I was constructing a water basin I was thinking "How cool would it be to hook up a steam punk style diver to an oxygen tank for deep diving ( 10 tiles of depth more or so )". You like ? :confused:

Perhaps also a good use with some new biome, which other people have written about in the past. Perhaps this is an old idea ?





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I respect your opinion. I recently played with the jetsuits, are they currently actually able to fly underwater ? I have disabled the beta again due to some crashes. I was also asking myself "Mhhh, do I need to build the normal exosuits ever again as I have built and fueled 40x jetsuit docks for flying ?"

> Exosuits for walking ( in the game )

> Exosuits for flying ( in the game )

> Exosuits for diving ?

The game increases water and gas pressure, the taller the stack is - IMHO this could play out nice and also make the game a bit more atmospheric :p Dupes running around underwater feels a bit off ( if with the normal exosuit...as mentioned - The pressure can be very high ), but thats my opinion. Had to think of Bioshock/Subnautica, a cover design which attracted a lot of people ( Fair use snippet of the image as mood & marketing reference ):


High ( water ) pressure could also seal of some map areas in the beginning to the player, so it could be exciting to explore those map areas by diving as the diving suit is researched and built. So basically a very high pressure suit, which makes walking very slow. Forum users have also mentioned that they would love darkness & light to play a bigger role in the game, in combo with diving this could make the game much more atmospheric.

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