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So, I have played "Mark of the Ninja" before and am now waiting for another amazing game for Klei to pump out. After beating the game once, I kept on replaying in hardcore mode, which is really quite a different feel and made the game more challenging, though not by much as I found the game kinda easy overall.

The whole feel of this game has too, the cinematic feel of "Mark of the Ninja", I'm sure it would deliver nicely.



A quick sweep of the Don't Starve forums via search button turned up nothing on the aspects of "Sneaking" and "Line of sight".

In my opinion, what this game lacks is the presence of "sight" for everything. Mobs should have a "cone of vision" which could be rendered moot if not "sneaking". Also, hardcore vision mode! Where you can't see what's behind you(with what's behind subtly fading while being rendered with a post-processing effect, most likely a gaussian blur)! I think it's quite apparent where I got this idea. :abnormal:

Since the game is about survival, there should be improvements to hunting and an implementation of stalking. The combat system is kind of meh and bland and an implementation of predatory mechanics would liven up things.

With the implementation of the bush hat, which is similar to how the cardboard box from Mark of the Ninja works, I hope there would be a further expansion to stealth

I'm quite the fan of "rogue" class skills and would be interesting to see some feel of being real hunter up here.

(p.s. How do I embed youtube videos?)

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Although I disagree with the cone of vision with the character, I support OP's idea on expanding stealth in the game. The combat as such right now is largely focused on melee, gimmicky tricks with items and that's about it. It would be very exciting to have unique stealth weapons, poisons and sneaking mechanics.

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