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  1. Poisonous or magik shrooms?Maybe can exist both..poisonous take part from yor health,can be used to make poisoned weapons and traps,etc..magik shrooms take part of your sanity and change the usual drawed dark graphics of the game temporaly to brighting psiquedelic 60's videoclip..XD:happypigs:
  2. You have X% when you walk in a worm hole to appear in that dimension..(maybe the X% can be affected from your sanity..less sanity more probabilities..)that dimension conected all wormholes and can be really usefull to access to any zone of the map with a wormhole(is a weird zone with a lot of wormholes..anyone conected with other from the normal dimension..maybe like the sea with spiderwebs above with the wormholes and myst dark zone..i don't know..but very weird..XD),but is inabitated by the dimensional Worm(boss)or worms(like tall birds and hounds..)What you think about that..isn't really creative idea,but maybe with other add's can be interesting..What you think can be add's to it or need be changed?..
  3. I like the idea from the bees poison with the meat,but i don't like the needn't traps if the poisoned meat works like that,i think that maybe slower the speed of the hounds,take off slow part of hounds health without kill it or both..being usefull have it in emergency to avoid the hounds or kill it faster..if hounds can run faster than you that be interesting..
  4. You think something like rabies from hounds,or some gastroenteritis from eat monster food repeatedly X times the same day or rotten food?And need make diferent type of poultice,balm,potion to health it..I like the idea..
  5. I like the idea of the snowshoes,Don't Starve are adding ideas really fast..the insanity is amazing..Maybe if add's snowmen that be like lure,can't move and can't do anything like real snowmens,but if you have"fortress"the enemies attacks and destroy the snowmens before attacks your walls,you can surround the snowmens with bee traps,etc..
  6. I wan't can save the game..if die..the world begin to the start..all game have a saved game system,but Don't Starve turn's around survival..i think thats's well with actual system..
  7. I like that monkey island,day of the tentacle,sam & max,disc world,grim fandango,(the cave)etc..some times is funny break the screen wall..
  8. I like that character idea,but why not a nativeamerican?All characters from the game are caucasion..some chinesse,afro-american and native-american would add ethnic variety..(is only a sugerence..) Other sugerence is the same character,with a look more like David Crockett than a cowboy..(with a bunny hat..XD)
  9. About big objects,(caves,etc..)maybe this it's really hard to make with the game engine used in the don't starve,but old r.p.g's and other type of games resolved it with transparence or cutting part of the object when you are behind it..other way i see in other games is can see the silhouette behind it..maybe this is imposible in lua or with the don't starve game engine..i don't know..
  10. I agree with that idea..maybe some islands have rills or ponds..and you need to filter and boil to potabilitze the water..or maybe can craft something to take rain water..I don't remember well but i think Bear Grylls says can live 3 days without water,3 weeks witout food,or something a game that can't be like this..specially if is don't starve..