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Request : Regolith issues

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Hello, greatest developers and players! (•ω•)/

Now the regolith HAS NO USE!

(except as filtration medium.)

Assume that the regolith on the asteroid is similar to the Moon orbits around Earth.

So, we should be able to extract O2 and metals from it using a Regolith Seperator. Plus one more thing, silicon - that should be added into the building requirements of Solar panels.

Many players also requested for a regolith-refining applience. I think it’s time to add it in the next update as possible.

By the way - We need robotics. Especially it can do jobs in harsh enviornments (like no O2 or too hot.) or regolith cleanup after meteor showers that might need some dupes OFF Duty. Or a automatic digger that can be installed on the wall.

Would you add these new stuff for us? We’ll be thankful if you do so.



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