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Hi guys :) I have a trouble with my gas pipes system. I'm generating Oxygen from Electrolyzer, have two Gas Pump and a Gas Filter near it. Gas Filter gives Hydrogen to Hydrogen Generator and gives Oxygen to my base.

But i can't sending Oxygen to all over my base. Gases is not pushing in pipe, only giving Oxygen to two rooms (like in pic1). How can i sending to my Bedroom, Greenhouse and Med Bay (like in pic4)? Thanks for help :)






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I usually solve this by putting gas bridges at the intersection of the pipes. The gas bridge pulls the gases first taking higher priority and will only allow gases to flow elsewhere if the line it's attached to is full. I hope this helps. No pics sadly cause bad internet and can't open steam. :(

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The standard valve stop at 2kg pressure, so you dont need your pressure control system with valve shutoff and sensor.

I think the reason why your oxygen dont flow i a problem with your flow control. I think you could fix it with the use of some bridges.

Bridges are your number one tool for flow control.

Try to put 2 bridges at the marked location.


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@Fortescue The source of your problems is that ventilation (plumbing too) pipes get confused and sometimes stop flowing altogether when you have intersections, particularly when you have multiple sources and outlets.

The solution is clever usage of bridges. A bridge input at an intersection will ALWAYS prioritize packets of gas over other intersection branches, and a bridge output on an intersection will have no preference for distribution, and will prevent any confusion in gas packet flow.


This is my current ventilation setup in my main base. The non-insulated pipe is my temperature modulated oxygen, with bridges positioned with the INPUT at the intersection, forcing the bottom-most pipes to fill first. The bridge ensures that oxygen cannot flow back to upper sections and vents, and does not get confused.

The insulated oxygen pipe you see is the oxygen supply for my exosuits, and near the bottom you can see a bridge OUTPUT positioned at the intersection, giving no preference and ensuring no confused packet flow in all 3 directions.


Edit: a HUGE tip for base gas control, use airflow tiles in every corner of all rooms, with airflow doors. It makes CO2 and heavy gas management a LOT easier.

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Build some airflow tiles between your floors, and change your mech doors for pneumatic doors.  That way you only need a vent in one room (center room best)

In this picture bellow all rooms are 16x4 (64 tiles total) the airflow tiles are evenly spaced on each floor and I am able to keep the whole colony evenly ventilated by having one or two vents near the printer pod in the center 


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