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To make it simple:

Allow us to be able to pause it without bringing up the Options/Save&Quit/Continue menu and just let us be able to view the crafting menu without being able to buy anything.


With days so short, there's little or no time to review the options of what you want to do next. This would allow players to pause and look at the crafting menu and decide based on their current inventory and what they can get or what they need for the day without wasting day time pondering what you want to do next.

TL;DR - time is precious, allow us to view craft menu without bringing up the pause menu, but still pausing the game so we can review our options before proceeding with the next day.

Note: if they are standing near alchemy, science machine it should show the other craft tech items when paused like it does when unpaused as well. Seems like a simple feature/idea that some people could benefit from that doesn't directly effect the game.

Also the hotkey would be different than the current pause, for example the windows pause button or something like the F-N keys to activate this type of pause?

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