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Gas Canister Fillers Aren't Automatable, and That's Ok

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I've been really hammering out bases in the Rocketry upgrade, and I've finally gotten a long-term sustainable base built, and I've been working on increasing its scale and efficiency.


A lot of what I've been doing is moving small amounts of gas around and filtering the base atmosphere a little at a time, creating ranches and sterile areas and so forth. The gas canister filler couldn't be more perfect for that. It can't be swept, or set to churn out tanks endlessly, but it does let me do small gas related chores so easily, without interfering with my base infrastructure. I love it.

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15 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

I just wish it was lower in the tech tree. It`s a manual gas bottler. It even needs a pump to work. Why does it have to be so high?

I remenber coal gen or hydro-generator was on high tech tree when it's come (or another new technologies) but in the next update become a low tech. Just cross finger and hope

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@Sasza22 Yeah, I can see that. I guess the thinking is that it comes with the other high-pressure storage options. I *don't* think that the big gas and liquid tanks should come any earlier in the tree, since they allow you to massively increase your gas storage per tile, and they let you use a *lot* less electricity to run a lot of interesting setups.

Also, theoretically, you could store an infinite amount of gas in a single tile with the canisters, making it a Dwarf Fortress style quantum stockpile of all the gas you could ever imagine. It's a lot of micromanagement to get to that point, but it's possible.

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