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What scenarios do you like to see?

How hard would you like scenarios?  

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  1. 1. How hard would you like scenarios?

    • harder than the standard map
    • easier than the standard map
    • same as the standard map
    • I dont want to play other maps

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My scenario maker tool is almost finished and i think about publishing some when i know it works.


What scenarios would you like to see? Nearly finished is already a ice world.


My scripts are able to cause a wide range of events on the map (right now only to map objects not to dupes or buildings) so be creative.

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could you script a mod that was just the ideal world generator? where the player could set and choose the elements of the board they want, to fashion maps however they chose?

For example an Eden generator, that makes the home biome twice as large, twice as dense with starting materials? Double the flora and fauna chances, increase the # of flora nodes, improve the chances that non MR and Briar Bluff flora will be generated?

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You can already change the elements by chance with the generator. You can exchange any element with any other or partly. Some features are missing however. You can change all mass of the elements in the home biome. If you would want to restrict it only to this i think i will add the needed features. About the fauna and flora not yet but i will look if it can be done.

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