Character Balancing

Do the characters need to be balanced  

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  1. 1. Do the characters need to be balanced

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I don't know, but I feel that some of the characters needs to have more perks and all of them need to be more unique from each other gameplay wise. Wolfgang for the most part seems far superior to the others. Wes does not need to be adjusted as he's suppose to be a challenging character to play as. However Wendy has probably the worst perks, the fact the Abigail comes out only at night is dumb enough, but what's worse is that there's only a chance that she will even spawn. Plus when I say perks, I do not simply mean change the sanity, hunger, or health, but add actual unique perks that involve gameplay mechanics that we, the gamers, have never seen before.I have some suggestions like:-Wendy can use her hair to make a unique machine that can turn ghosts back into humans, something that would be interesting is that you cannot turn Abigail back into a human as she will refuse to do so. Of course the machine will have limited uses.-Wolfgang has a weaker sanity meter-Willow can tame red hounds through some sort of magic thingy that will require research points to execute-WX-78 can do tasks like picking berries, cutting grass, and cutting trees slightly faster-Wes should have funny animations, this will not affect the gameplayWell those are my thoughts

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