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  1. Will you release one for Don't Starve Together?
  2. One day, I'll finish my story, but that day is not going to be today
  3. I'm going to need to catch up with the comics because I haven't been on the forums for a while now.
  4. Wow, I haven't been on these forums for a while now.
  5. I think I'm finished with this story, if there are things that I should add or need to fix let me know
  6. So do any of you know why most of Raven Crow's forum disappear
  7. Raven Crow, I would like you to make comics that were similar to your old ones. Like the really short ones that didn't really have a story and were just for comedy. This is just a suggestion.
  8. I find it sad that the majority of this forum is me commenting about the updates for my story, forever alone To tell ya the truth, I went the easy way out with Wendy's personality change because I couldn't think of a good transition
  9. Update: I'm kind of having a hard time with coming up with a good way to end the story
  10. Update: I'm almost done with my Maxwell origin story
  11. Update: Did as much as I could, the story is almost done. Once I'm done with the basic stuff, I'll try to fix the grammar mistakes and will try to make the reading more interesting.
  12. If anyone has some ideas to help me improve my story please tell me
  13. Sorry but I'm just kind of annoyed that it seems like it was forced in mentioning Woodie. I mean the first thing Wilson will think about after being attacked by a werebeaver is Woodie? He barely knows the man, I would think that the group would worry the others that are currently not in the latest comic strip, but know them better, like Wendy, Wolfgang, and Willow
  14. Well better late than never.
  15. Update: I only got enough time to work on the intro, sorry if the story looks a little messy.
  16. Update: I've currently just writing out a layout right now for the revised story
  17. I'll work on it later, this was a originally my reponse to Raven Crow's comic about William Carter. I just turned it in a forum, but I will polish it and fix it up. For the title, well I don't know, I just like it to be straight forward.
  18. What do you plan to do after you finish your book.
  19. When Maxwell was a human, his name was William Carter. William was born in Britain and was known was having several health problems. William had a brother named Jack and a close friend named Charlie. Charlie was also a neighbor of William. William and Charlie would always hang out with each other when they were little. They would talk, play, run, and do whatever little children did. One day Charlie and William decided to adventure into a cave that they were always afraid to go into. William's brother would always try to scare them, saying that the cave contained ghosts and goblins that would eat or haunt the children that saw them. When exploring the cave they bumped into a skeleton. The skeleton seemed old, at least a 100 years. Plus it held a small chest on its lap. Charlie decided to get a better look at the artifact, but once she got into reaching distance, the chest burst open and then a shadow like hand came rushing out, grabbing Charlie by the arm. William froze in fear, not knowing what to do. He looked back for the opening of the cave and then turned back to Charlie. The shadow had now entered Charlie's body by piercing through her skin. She turned to William, stared at him. Suddenly William turned and sprinted to the exit, leaving Charlie. A tear ran down Charlie's cheek before the shadow finally consumed her. The next day William visited Charlie's parents to she if had come home, she had not. Charlie's parents issued a missing person's report, but she was never found. The parents were devastated. Years went by but there were still no signs of Charlie. For the truth was she didn't want to be found yet. When Charlie woke up the next day, she became a hideous shadow creature. She can only be seen by the insane, but she also made people go insane whenever the got close to her. Charlie refused to go home. However Charlie didn't realize it yet, but she had also attained demon powers. When Charlie reentered the cave she was suddenly greeted with several large shadow-like creatures, they examined her from head to toe seeing if she could be a good replacement. Realizing they were scaring the girl, they changed into humans. They then processed to assisted her and she soon earned respect from the creatures. Charlie was finally able to control her powers when she grew older, like being able to shape-shift between human and demon. One day she returned to civilization in search of William. William soon accepted that Charlie was gone and grew up without her. His dream was to become a magician. When he finished school, he became a street magician. He was a miserable failure, soon he fell into debt and had to burrow money from several people. As the problems continued to stack up, William decided to go to the US. However he didn't find it much easier there either. He tried to get a deal to become a stage performer. The deal was able to be made, but it wasn't so pleasant. William failed to entertain people and was soon kicked out. He later bumps into a lady that looked similar to Charlie. The lady then tried to talk him, saying that she can help him. He, being the desperate man he is, accepts. The lady telling him that they need to be somewhere private. Then she told him to put his hand out, suddenly she grab it tightly. His hand started to burn, shadows started bursting out of his skin. She then let go and Maxwell passed out. William woke up the next day, the lady was stand beside him. "You are as weak as when you were a child" He than realized that it was Charlie, "Charlie?" "Yes, it's me, Charlie, the one that you left in the cave when she needed help" "Look, I'm sorry, I was scared" "Scared? What, and you think I wasn't scared" She looked at him in the eye, but he turns away. "It's... It's complicated, anyways what did you do to me" "I gave you some powers... I saw that you needed help with your magic tricks and the others allowed me to give you some" "You did what?!" "I told you, I gave you powers" "I don't believe you" "Then don't, this will probably be the last time you see me anyways" "Wait, what kind of powers?" "Demon...", Charlie whispers and then vanishes The powers Charlie gave William were proven to be very useful, William then decided to change his name to Maxwell and begin a new life. His health improved with the powers and he was able to perform tricks like no other with them. He soon rises in fame and wealth. After he finally decides to visit his brother for the first time in years. On the train heading to California, Maxwell spots two men in the desert. Both of them were in suits and had hats, but one had a cigar, and the other held a cane. The man with the cigar then snaps his fingers causing the train to crash. Immediately after, the other man slams one end of the cane into the ground causing large amounts of dust to get blown into the air, then suddenly everything froze, time had stopped. The two men then proceeded to the train by teleporting to it. They took off their hats before entering the train. Maxwell, however, was still able to move. He quickly tried to get away by first getting out of the train. However he tripped creating a lot of noise. The mysterious men then teleported to Maxwell's feet. "Well, hello William, I believe, William Carter?" said the first one "He doesn't look like he can do that much harm" said the other "Who are you two" The man with the cane knells down to Maxwell, "That doesn't matter right, pull out the book" The man with cigar pulls out a book, but Maxwell swiftly grabs it and starts running. "He fell for the trap", the man says as he smokes his cigar "He sure did...", the man says as he slams his cane to the ground to unfreeze time before they both suddenly vanish Maxwell ran a long distance before he finally thought that he was safe. He made it to a small town. There, he wrote a letter to his brother before taking off again. Maxwell decided to read the book and decode it. There was this one page that caught his eye, so he torn it out. Then when he was sleeping, shadow hands came out of the book and grabbed Maxwell into it. Maxwell woke up on a mysterious island, feeling weak and frail. However Maxwell still managed to survive and thrive. He built all types of things. The demons Back to Maxwell's and Charlie's story, Charlie was able to give Maxwell demon powers with the help from the other demons. And then blah blah Maxwell becomes popular and rich. As Maxwell grew in wealth and popularity, he started treat Charlie more and more like trash. Due to this, Charlie convinced the other demons to strip Maxwell of most of his powers and send him to an island. Charlie allowed Maxwell to keep his age preserving powers to ensure that he will suffer for a long time. But over time Maxwell proved himself useful, so the other demons gave Maxwell, his powers back. Every demon except Charlie now respected Maxwell. This is the second origin story that I wrote. I will fix this story later and will make sure that it will not conflict with any of facts about Maxwell/ William Carter released by klei entertainment. I credit Wilson240 and Raven Crow for helping me make this origin story
  20. Update: I might start working on Maxwell's origin next
  21. For anyone who reads this post, please tell me what I need to get fixed. Currently I do not have a good way to end the story.
  22. Maybe I'll connect that with the disease Abigail has that I mentioned in my story