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  1. Wulfe

    Will you release one for Don't Starve Together?
  2. Maxwell's/ William Carter's Origin

    One day, I'll finish my story, but that day is not going to be today
  3. Don't Starve Comics

    I'm going to need to catch up with the comics because I haven't been on the forums for a while now.
  4. Wendy's Origin

    Wow, I haven't been on these forums for a while now.
  5. Wendy's Origin

    Thank you
  6. Wendy's Origin

    I think I'm finished with this story, if there are things that I should add or need to fix let me know
  7. Don't Starve Comics

    okay thanks
  8. Don't Starve Comics

    So do any of you know why most of Raven Crow's forum disappear
  9. Don't Starve Comics

    Raven Crow, I would like you to make comics that were similar to your old ones. Like the really short ones that didn't really have a story and were just for comedy. This is just a suggestion.
  10. Wendy's Origin

    I find it sad that the majority of this forum is me commenting about the updates for my story, forever alone To tell ya the truth, I went the easy way out with Wendy's personality change because I couldn't think of a good transition
  11. Maxwell's/ William Carter's Origin

    Update: I'm kind of having a hard time with coming up with a good way to end the story
  12. Wendy's Origin

    Update: I'm almost done with my Maxwell origin story
  13. Maxwell's/ William Carter's Origin

    Update: Did as much as I could, the story is almost done. Once I'm done with the basic stuff, I'll try to fix the grammar mistakes and will try to make the reading more interesting.
  14. Wendy's Origin

    If anyone has some ideas to help me improve my story please tell me
  15. Don't Starve Comics

    Sorry but I'm just kind of annoyed that it seems like it was forced in mentioning Woodie. I mean the first thing Wilson will think about after being attacked by a werebeaver is Woodie? He barely knows the man, I would think that the group would worry the others that are currently not in the latest comic strip, but know them better, like Wendy, Wolfgang, and Willow