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Anim not Autocompiling


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Originally I had planned on having her with more anime hair, but decided against it due to the head being too big to fit in-game.fGlJTzG.png

It ended up looking like this:


In an attempt to fix it I decided to just redo the head entirely. Only problem is that when I delete the anim files and run the Autocompiler I am only left with the Ghost files. I have tried rerunning autocompiler multiple times to no success. I have tried deleting the ghost files and running it, no success.

I have no idea what to do at this point. Nothing is working and because I cant get the anim files to recompile again I am only left with the bugged version of the character.


YlI4Y2h.pngAny help would be greatly appreciated!

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Update: Had a friend try it on his end and it still doesn't work.

Update 2: I looked into it and found a forum post that suggested that it could be another mod that was active... I unsubscribed to all my mods and deleted the files for good measure. It still doesn't work.

Attached is the mod zip without the anim files. If anyone wants to give it a shot on their end they can feel free to :/ please update me if you do!


Selina the Courtesan.7z

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1 hour ago, IkarosGaming said:

are you aware that your file you sent has some errors so you cant play with it?


What errors occur with it? If its the error caused by the lack of Anim files I said that it doesnt have any because it wont compile them. The purpose of this post is for assistance with it. If its another error I can try fixing it

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ok ill see what i can do if there are still probelems ill emssage you back

ok you got the ghost files to default textures or have you redone them just wanting to know so i could use it for reference 

im gonna test somwthing quickly cause i think i might have fixed your problem

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i'm not 100% sure why it keeps crashing or your unable to make your charcter anim files compile but I'll keeping working on it

I've tried re doing the whole etire mod and correcting the corrupted or unreadble file but nothing works

i know this would seem time consuming but i would suggest redoing the artwork then replace it with the old art work your using but make a slight chnage cause i think something isnt working with the game

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I don't know if its the artwork. I compiled it before and it did fine (as you can see in the first post) it was just bugged. After that it wouldn't compile properly though. On top of that I have tried it on a fresh version of the template itself, removing the anim files and running the compiler and it still didn't work

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