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  1. Custom Chacater Perks (Help)

    i managed to figure out the sanity and health gain at night all i need to do is get the dark ghost pet/follower
  2. I'm kinda of a bit confused as to how to make the custom perks I want the perks I wiant to be able to give my character is ability to summon darkness creatures to defend her be able to heal at dark be able to grow sanity at dark if anyone can help me with the code that would be much appreciated
  3. Spriter Example: Equippable Item

    someone please make a item moding tutorial
  4. i really want o learn how to make a modded item or or weapon or hat but i have no idea how i follow th etutorials on the forums but im always stuck on something or it doesn't work probably so if any could help me make a modded item/weapon/hat then thanks it means alot the sort of items i want o make are as followed Nymph rader uses to identify the behaviour and health of all items objects animals etc in dont starve and show values to the player d.va headset used on d.va to get her a health boost and abilty to get critical hits on enimes d,va gun d.va signature weapon for defending herself against eneimes again if anyone could helpme make these mods or give me a step by step guide to follow or pictures relevant to what im trying to do would be helpful
  5. whilst following the steps I've come across this problem with my mod Angeloid Weapons whilst running the game Angeloid Weapons.rar these have all the files for the mod i'm making if anyone has any solutions or how to fix it then please feel free to let me know or you can take a look at the fiel and screen shot where i went wrong and what i need to add or change if there is anything modinfo.lua modmain.lua apollon_bow.lua