Friendly Gobbler / Baby Carrier

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My Idea is you can get a Gobbler Eggs and you could hatch them. As babys you can make a baby carrier for the Baby Gobbler so you can carry them around (The Baby Carrier would require a backpack and 5 Beefalo Fur and 2 ropes to make) Instead of having to wait for them to catch up because Baby's are kinda slow. And you feed it berrys and seeds but as it gets older (It will get bigger as well) It will need more food untill it grows into a Full mature Gobbler that obays you. What the Mature Gobbler would do is Threw out the day he will leave the Base/Camp you made to get you any kinda food he finds other then berries and Mandrakes. How will he Deliver them? With a backpack you equip him (Or Krampus Sack). And He stores the food in the Ice Box (Untill Its Full) Then If it is full he will place it on the floor in frount of the Ice box. The Mature Gobbler would be docile around other mobs as well. Like Runing away from the mobs that try to hurt him but not towards you. And to Make it more Simpler to identify your Gobbler put a hat on him!The Baby Carrier would work on the Smallbird as well. and if you are hit you both take damage.The Cons for this is that The Gobbler/Your Gobbler will eat any berries,Roasted berries,Fist full of jam, Mandrake Stew. you have in the Icebox. And Your Gobbler would not take out spoiled food. And if your gobbler gets damaged by you he Turns wild and runs away. The baby gobbler (Growing) Would get heavyer and Heavyer so you become slower and slower. killing a gobbler near your gobbler would turn your gobbler wild and he will leave.Eating a Drumstick,Fried Drumstick, Turkey dinner , Berrys,Roasted Berries, Mandrake,Cooked Mandrake, Mandrake Soup, Fist full of Jam will make him go wild and leave.Might bring nothing.Will bring rot or pedals. More food = More attention he might have mobs following him back to base.

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