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Critter feeder and other "consumable" storage refilling

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Seems like the delivery dupe likes to prefer refilling nearly-full critter feeders over the empty ones. And then a Hatch eats a bit of the rock from the feeder, and the delivery dupe goes to refill the same one all over again.

I guess this wouldn't be noticeable if you were running less ranches, or automated ranches, but I was basically relying on hand-raised hatches for food since the beginning and have grown to 5 max sized ranches + one half sized of smooth hatches.

It's not that they won't deliver, or that they prioritize it wrong... if I switch a farm's feeders to higher priority it will get refilled. But, if I put them all on the same priority (currently, they're on priority 6), it seems like a delivery dupe gets stuck delivering to the first X feeders closest to the ranches, while the last ones never get full. I am trying to keep my sub-priorities in order, and combine it with door premissions, such that I have one in-house delivery dupe that will feed the hatches, deliver dirt to the drecko mealwood etc, and two out going ones that can't enter the farms and ranches, but will sweep mats all over the world.

I've checked and there is enough Ingeous Rock in the base (what 4/5 of my ranches consume, I still keep a plain Hatch farm for sentimental reasons), and while I should organize my storage better there's at least one container with 14t. Also, all of my duplicants are super buff (they all went through Goofer + Courier + Groundskeeper + Plumber training to get all the tasty strength and carrying capacity bonuses), and can each and all easily carry the full capacity of the critter feeder (2000kg).

They do deliver to plenty of other stuff as well (coal gens, rock crusher and metal refinery, dirt to farms), but I just observed Mae and some other supply dupes for two full cycles (boy she was happy for the Center of Attention buff) and it seems like they have plenty of time to make several deliveries to the feeders in a day. It's just that they always prefer to deliver miniscule amounts of ~100kg and leave the feeders farthest from the storage containers empty between very often and forever.

I almost made a bug report, but it's not quite a bug since they do deliver to the phisically closest thingy with the same priority from the storage, but not the most pleasant behaviour either. I would suggest it would make more sense that they deliver to a "consumer" type of storage most in need of materials first amongst the same priority (ie. power stations, coal generators, critter feeders that are the most empty), as oposed to when delivering to a static storage or a build site (where it's understandable you'd want to refill the most full compactor first, or finish delivering to one build site before moving on to the next).

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If you play with enabled proximity they will always do the task that is the closest if the priorities are the same. So if you have a line of feeders they will prioritize the closest ones first. I guess the problem is that they keep refilling it when there`s just a few grams missing rather than filling the other ones. I think it`s a sideeffect of how the priority system works.

Best workaround imo would be just have them fill a compactor and use conveyor belts and auto sweepers to handle the feeders.

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