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Bug - My computer Can't Run 60hz: Game Crashes


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also glad to see that you're still working on these games. unfortunately, i'm afraid it still won't load up for me. crash log has the same old error:

[00:16.44] (14532) No valid display modes


GTX 570HD @ 120hz via Display Port (only refresh options are 100 & 120)


Drivers are up to date.

hope that you guys will be able to get this fixed one day, like you did for MotN.

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I moved this post to a new thread. I'm not sure if you've tried to force the game to run the game in windowed mode, but that might help.

We'll probably look at Shank 2 in the near future, since we believe that this issue is very similar to the one in Mark of the Ninja. However, Shank 1 might take a while longer since it's a completely different beast. We're unsure if the fix will be similar yet.

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