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  1. Bug - My computer Can't Run 60hz: Game Crashes

    thanks corey! i've previously tried working with KLEI to force windowed mode, but it never worked. thanks for looking in to this, i hope to see some positive results at some point. =)
  2. also glad to see that you're still working on these games. unfortunately, i'm afraid it still won't load up for me. crash log has the same old error: [00:16.44] (14532) No valid display modes i5-2500k GTX 570HD @ 120hz via Display Port (only refresh options are 100 & 120) 8G RAM Drivers are up to date. hope that you guys will be able to get this fixed one day, like you did for MotN.
  3. Just Wanted To Say Thanks To The Devs

    i want to jump in on this thread. =) this game is remarkable. it is beautifully animated, has an amazing story, excellent voice acting, is full of real emotion, and has fantastically moody music. this is an all around winner, guys.thanks so much for making it, and for working hard to help make sure everyone gets to play and enjoy's hoping for a sequel!