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Wolfgang's Backstory!

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Here is my take on how Wolfgang has been send to the Don't Starve island :) Enjoy!

Fear of The Dark

The gym did not anticipate him. He was much like a atheist in a church, or a demon in Heaven. You wouldn't have guessed he was one from the way he looked – from the black eyes, the grey suit, the oversized head and the blood rose on his collarbone.

"Say pal." He spoke to trainer, a bloke wide as a double door, whilst leaning over him. "You have any... odd people round' here? Like a 'gentleman scientist' or someone?"

"Well." He replied loudly, bared his muscles. "Go to hell, posh boy. We don't deal with your kind round here. All here is sweat and blood!" He turned his head when a roaring punch far down the gym pierced open a sand bag. "Right, Wolfgang?!"

"THAT'S RIGHT!" He screamed back and saw that sand was gathering at his feet. "Oi oi oi..." he whimpered and quickly scooped it up and sewn the bag closed. He moaned painfully when his long moustache got caught in the stitching. He pulled it out and let a manly tear fall down.

Maxwell, for that was the name of the suited man, blew the cigar's smoke into the trainer's face. He blinked and cluelessly headed to supervise someone whilst mumbling gibberish. Stroking his chin, he gave a half smile at a man who despite being inhumanly strong, carried a thread and needle around.

He approached. "Say pal. What are you up to?"

Wolfgang turned. He flexed. "I am the mighty! None is mightier! I have defeated the bag of sand, and healed it so I can defeat it again." He punched it again. "We grow stronger together!" He crossed his arms and dropped his jaw when he saw just smoke in front of him. "Where are you gone, fancy suit man?!"

Maxwell was not gone. At least not by a long shot. He returned to The Office. He materialized, with a whooping sensation, inside it, only to have a book thrown at him and hear the same worn voice of that stupid hag.

"Stop it, Marcia." He hissed and threw a glare at the desked woman. "I can't be bothered to knock. The secretary looked at him uneasily whilst filling out a form with several people – William, a priest, Wolly, an aspiring musician and Winsted, an ex husband of a librerian called Wickerbottom whom he had been driven half mad by.

"Add Wolfgang, a strongman, to that list." He said. "I think we found a good one."

"Oh yeah?" She turned to her computer, the homepage being Woogle.

"Stop using Woogle, Marcia." Maxwell said. "Eats up too much bandwith. Use Google like humans do."

She didn't. As they bickered back and forth, she put in the name and it revealed an entire profile of Wolfgang – from his love life and talents (Wrestling seemed to be a particular) to his fears. She pointed her finger to one of those phobias, and instantly a devilish grin of a beast ran across Maxwell's face. He chuckled and whispered deliciously.

"Fear of the dark... oh yes."

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