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3 hours ago, Hunterluz said:

I don't really understand what do you mean.... You can play with controller on both of DLCs. I personally am using Xbox One controller and it works in every part of DS.

Sorry,I didn’t state my situation clearly.I mean I can’t play with my controller on ship wrecked POCKET EDITION.But I can play with my controller on don’t starve pocket edition.I don’t have much time on my PC.So I play Don’t Starve on my iPad.But sadly,it seems that ship wrecked doesn’t support controllers.:(

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Well, I think you're right, that shipwrecked doesn't support controllers. But you know, shipwrecked is kinda "new" on mobile, and it's not perfect, so I think Klei will stil update it, and with 1 of updated, playing with controller will be available ;)

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