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Feed back on Priorities

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Along the Priorities list

I find  the following confusing as a player.  Can't imagine new players having difficulty understanding this.

Tidy,  Supply,   Storage.

their description is so vague and not helpful at all.

Tidy says sweep.  Supply says sweep.

What's considered urgent and what's considered no critical ?

A more detailed example would be helpful.

Or more importantly, the building info box  should have some sort of  TAG links to the codex or some way for players to see what building is affected by what priority.   As a player, I shouldn't have to go to a wikki website or google or the forum to find out what priority buildings are in terms of their errand/role mapping to get a dupe to do something.

Maybe start using color coded icons for buildings when you click on it and show its color coding for the priorities tab.  

Just some feedback on improving the game for new players and veterans as well.

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If they listed each building/structure/ability/whatever with the according skill(s)(task(s) in the game book that would be great.

Tell us what task setting affects each thing how, and why.

I did something with script, and i don't know how to undo it..  ;p


hfdjkhfksdj uh oh I don't know how tho make it stop lol

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