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Ranching Upgrade Mark III

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So as our very last purpose, goal, something like that... is to make the colony self-suitainable forever (or at least for a very long time). I think some of these things was suggested but i have something new too :"p And that is why we got this post.
So just like Mark I and II, we just need to rework on some critter, add some more critter's variants and improve ranch system, here something i suggest to make:

*Rework critter (variant):
- None (for now)

*Add critter (and variant):
- well, i saw Volgus in some picture, add it lol:
  +Health: 40
  +Speed: 2 (3 when chasing)
  +Decor: -1
  +Life time: 125 cycle
  +Drop: 9500 Kcal
  +Wrangable: yes but will increase wildness by 20%
  +Capture Method: Heavy Critter Trap (new)
  +Comfortable tempurature: 25°C - 50°C
  +Livable tempurature: -10°C - 80°C
  +Consume: idk
  +Poop: Abyssalite x g/s (idk yet but enough to make 0.2 Abyss Bug live)
  +Effect: cutting tusk give x g Fossil
  +1 nest give 1 "super" Volgus and 9 Volgus and 1 extra place for 1 more
  +Dupe-make nest will have 15 places for Volguses
  +In wild, it's pretty dangerous, can attack Dupe and Critter (not Abyss Bug) if they see them by 10 health each time
  +They will chase Dupe to attack til they can't go somewhere (ladder, doors)
  +Scare of light, live in darkness -> only active at "night", otherwise, it will return to its nest -> Abyss Bug will be Volgus best friend, make them a dou critter
  +So you will see 0 > x > 3 Abyss Bug in the cave where Volgus nest take place
  +In nest, there will be 1 "super" Volgus which will affect 80% wildness of other Volgus in next, normal Volgus will affect 20% of other Volgus and 10% of "super" Volgus
  +Lay 1 little volgus per life if not tamed, 2 per life if tamed
  +If there's a new empty nest, the first one who found/live in it will become "super" Volgus after 1 cycle living there
  +If Volgus nest have less than 10 Volgus ("super" Volgus counted), "super" Volgus will lay 1 little volgus every 5 cycle), will die after 5 time continuously (lose 2000 kcal every time)
  +"super" Volgus will stay out side of nest from 0.2 cycle before "night" to 0.2 cycle "after night"

+Improving Ranching system:
  +Renewable Critter Trap ( make from plastic and reed fiber)
  +Critter sensor
  +system that make critter at fixed/stability/something like that idk... number
  +Heavy Critter Trap
  +Volgus Dupe-make nest

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