Adventure Mode - Bosses, Landscape

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I understand that the Adventure mode is being worked on, and I would like to add something to it, what about a individual monster appeared when you Activated the Wooden thing?

For Example: World 1 - 2 Boss is the Spider Queen,

and she spawns right after you click Activate. Also It would be better if the bosses would not be like the Spider Queen or the Treeguard, but something individual, and something that ressembles Maxwell´s power, like a Hell Hound Mother.

Also for the last world on the Adventure Mode, I think It would be good if It was a completely black land, with black hands instead of trees, and a single road, leading to some kind of a place where Maxwell resides. Thank you for your attention.

P.S: I am unsure whether an existing suggestion is on this forum already, so please just give me a link and lock this thread if there is one.

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totally agree. Game needs more bosses with individual weak point kinda things. I think that some of the bosses need to be smarter. For instance, one might wait till night then dart into your light radius, attack, and run out. Another could stalk you while hiding behind trees, such and such and so and so. I prefer smart enemies :)When I say weak point things I mean like in LoZ where the bosses need individual strategies to beat, like a flying enemy that lands and attacks the ground where you were, but then gives you 3-5 sec to attack it, then flies away and repeats. Something of the sort, makes bosses more interesting

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You know. I wonder what Klei's plans are regarding bosses and such. By the looks of it, "bosses" are meant to be hindrances for the player that focuses on something.Treeguard for chopping trees.Spider Queen for farming spiders.Deerclops for turtleing.These aren't "technically" bosses. I suppose they'd be classified as "mini-bosses".Krumpus for farming animals. (In particular, Rabbits)Clockwork Bishop to protect the gate.Clockwork Knights to protect the Teleportato pieces.Tall Bird for its egg.Ghost for Graves.Tentacles for Swamps.Walrus for... Well I'm not sure on that one... I suppose Walrus for exploring...?But for the moment, each creature has different ways you can kill it as to cater to the different play-styles out there. Maybe you like using traps. Maybe you like using pigs. Maybe you like being Rambo and going in full force.

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