The Pyramid Scheme


Mystical Pyramid or Lost Airship  

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  1. 1. Mystical Pyramid or Lost Airship

    • Inverted Pyramid
    • Airship lost in the air outside the pyramid
    • Both?
    • None.

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On 12/9/2018 at 11:20 PM, zergologist said:

Sigh, i might continue on it maybe when the new update comes out. I just need an empty map with the surface still in tact (No gravitas facility though) and the neutrouinium walls still there 

i can do that if you want me too, i just need what you want the worlds name to be


here you go, i can redo it with a different name or sandbox off if you want

here is the map test.sav, if you do use it, add dupes, save, then load the game to the save and the colony lost notification will go away


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@Bizzum22 i need a map named The Pyramid Scheme without sandbox and with the abyssalite surface barrier still there,shove voles still there, and maybe a small little starting area with a few dupes that

  1. Can't have flatulence or mouth breathing
  2. Must be fairly decent (No anemics)
  3.  No pure trypophobics, nonconstructives, or yokels. 
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