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World Reset

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18 minutes ago, Uragiri said:

Please tell me there's a way..

It's gone. I'm assuming the world got reset because you died and the reset countdown hit zero. For the future, carry life giving amulets and have a meat effigy set up. If you're playing with caves, you'll need another meat effigy for set up in the caves because its on a different server.

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No I died and I wanted to roll back, however I panicked and hit the reset button. The outcome would've been the same even if I had reanimation props which I didn't have:D

I'm so dumb..

Ty for the reply though, much appreciated :)

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do you have windows 7? how long have you had that save file? i did accidentally reset my world once but i used the previous versions option and got it back though it was about 30 days behind the actual progress i had in other words if you have a day 200 world you might get your savefile restored at day 150-180

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