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Beginner/intermediate guides - call for papers!

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ONI is no doubt a great game. To be perfectly honest, I think "early access" is something of a copout -  sounds like ONI has been ready for release for a while. ;)

But where does a newbie start? The wiki is sparse and outdated, as are (the few) Steam guides. Youtube is a time sink with conflicting and largely outdated content. The forum contains abundant information, but is tedious to search and is mostly over my head.

And I have a background in EE/CS.

I've searched for newbie, new, noob, tutorial, tips, guide, beginner...did not find much that was helpful and actually newbie-friendly. If it exists and I missed it, please point me in the right direction.

WTB well-organize guides for:
    1. Getting started
    2. Mid-game
    3. Tips and tricks and/or "things I wish I knew..."
    4. Brief list of informative forum posts (initial posts, not information buried in a wall of text on page 4)

Preferably on the wiki so that many others can benefit from them as well - or, at least, formatted such that they could be easily transferred to the wiki.

Offering: tremendous gratitude...

...and, if you are comfortable sharing your address:


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ONI requires to be resourceful so if the new player is not able to do some research by itself on the forum, Youtube, Steam, etc. where there's a lot of informations, he/she will play not long in the game.

Also, the game get huge update each month that kill many informations.

So I think, a central guide will be usefull when the game will be release.

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