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I love this game but i think it needs a story. I think it will be really cool if digging a grave I can have the possibility to found a page of diary, or something similar, that can explain me who are the characters that i can use, or who Maxwell is and most important thing, what creature is that creature that is waiting into the dark and is trying to kill me every night when the fire runs out. Maybe my character can learn all this thing not only digging the grave but also founding rocks with paintings that the player have to understand, or in other way too. If I have to collect different page of the diary or see different painting into the world to understand what is going on into the world of Don't Starve, I will go explore more often and if I can know more about it, i will screw up all my work on my base and I will use the wooden machine with a giant smile on my face:abnormal:.What do you think? Is it a good idea or not ? P.S. I'm Italian so my English is not as good as it have to be, if I've done some mistake don't be mad on me :D

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