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Crash a few seconds after start ("nvd3dum.dll")

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Hi guys !

I wanted to play Mark of the Ninja today and the game simply crashes a few seconds after launch.

In the debug log, the module at fault seems to be "nvd3dum.dll".

So this is obviously an nVidia related issue. My setup is a GTX 1060 6GB, running a 5760*1080 surround screen. The game start full screen by default.

I'm running ONI on the same setup without issue.

Is there a way to force a resolution or disable full-screen for MON?

Does anyone have a pointer to solve this?

Thanks in advance !

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JanH    7388

Unfortunately, it looks like nvd3dum.dll crashes is a common crash with various games on NVIDIA GPU's. First off, please ensure that your GPU's drivers have been updated with the most recent updates. As well, you should be able to force resolution changes as well as refresh rates for the game within the graphics.ini file. 

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