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Szczuku    15170

If I build a ballphin pallace will this 1 ballphin create an entire pod?

Becasue this happeend: 


There are 4 ballphin palaces but there're 5 ballphins (2 in the water 3 in the palaces)

Edit: Actually there're 6 ballphins 




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All the times that I've tested it, any Ballphins spawned by a Ballphin Palace will try to create a Ballphin Pod if there isn't already one within range and they're not distracted beforehand. It's a bit hard to detect, but you can use the console command, 'c_countprefabs("ballphinpod")', to check it out.

It also seems that if you save and quit after the Ballphin Pods are made, they will be active upon reloading. Otherwise, the Pods will remain somewhat inactive for a few weeks after creation. You can even end up causing a Ballphinpocalypse if you save and quit on Day 1, because the Ballphin Pods will go into heat during Mild Season and create enormous herds around all the Palaces in the world.

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