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totally cruel start.... feh!

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7 hours ago, dearmad said:

Searching for cool biomes... found one... no wheezewort, found another... none....


f this, reveal map... look at all 6 cool biomes. NO F'IN WHEEZWORT AT ALL!


that is not kosher muthafuh!

Did you dig up all of the buried object tiles in the ice biomes?

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I think it was just a bug... Restarts have had ice biomes with quite a few now. Even loose seeds sitting around. Challenging to get to but they exist now.


Interesting that icebiomes surround me all the time now (far but almost all sides except straight down), didn't they used to be only Northward?

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FYI:  If you reveal the map while paused, you will not see the wheezeworts.  Un-pause for a second while the map is revealed and you should see a bunch of them pop up.

You probably knew this already... but just in case.

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