[Game Update] - 279012


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Detailed Patch Notes

  • Added two new “Tiny Toy” Trials 
  • Increased base pogo speed
  • Added new cereal section to Wholesale
  • New audio has been added to wholesale announcer emitter
  • Prevent thrown objects from going through walls
  • Fix issue where taunts might appear unbound when assigning an unrelated binding
  • Fixed situation that would cause wind tunnel sounds to keep playing after leaving
  • Players should stick to surf objects more reliably
  • Players no longer ragdoll when looking in certain directions while surfing, now in these situations players lose speed until they slide off the object
  • Text fixes on Mastery Gym whiteboards
  • Various wholesale optimizations
  • Smooth third person camera when pulling back after obstruction

Potato Concept Art?

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4 hours ago, Brumafriend said:

How do you play the toy mode? 0.o"

The Tiny Toy Trial in School is in the teachers lounger, near the Middleschool Mischief entrance. The Tiny Toy Trial in Wholesale is located on top of the cereal boxes, near the entrance of Chase the Lie

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