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[Game Update] - 279012

Release Date: 07/23/18

Update Information:


Detailed Patch Notes

  • Added two new “Tiny Toy” Trials 
  • Increased base pogo speed
  • Added new cereal section to Wholesale
  • New audio has been added to wholesale announcer emitter
  • Prevent thrown objects from going through walls
  • Fix issue where taunts might appear unbound when assigning an unrelated binding
  • Fixed situation that would cause wind tunnel sounds to keep playing after leaving
  • Players should stick to surf objects more reliably
  • Players no longer ragdoll when looking in certain directions while surfing, now in these situations players lose speed until they slide off the object
  • Text fixes on Mastery Gym whiteboards
  • Various wholesale optimizations
  • Smooth third person camera when pulling back after obstruction

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