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Schedule editor UI improvements

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Various ways to improve the schedule editor:

  1. A visual indicator of where in the cycle the current game is.
  2. A way to duplicate an existing schedule.
  3. A way to shift/rotate a schedule. That is, a way to make each schedule square move a little bit earlier or a little bit later, with it wrapping around at the ends. For instance, if you wanted to create a variation of the default schedule where dupes would wake up a bit earlier, go on break at bit earlier, etc, you could duplicate the default schedule then shift the new schedule to the left.
  4. When hovering the cursor over a schedule square, give an indicator of exactly which it is (11th square, 23rd square, etc)
  5. When hovering over block of squares, give an indication of how many in-game seconds (1x speed) that block covers. For example, with the current default schedule it'd be 75 second of sleeping time, 25 seconds of bathing time, and so on.
  6. If a schedule is missing a particular activity type (sleeping, etc), indicate this with a warning icon, to make it extra obvious if the player accidentally removes all of that activity type.
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