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Dupes on different schedules sharing assigned furniture (beds and tables)

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Now that dupes can be on different schedules, it doesn't make sense to (for instance) require that the mess hall have four mess tables for four dupes even though only two dupes will be eating at the same time.  An easy way to handle this would be to make it so that furniture no longer gets assigned to a single dupe.  More complicated would be allowing a bed/table to be assigned to multiple dupes with non-overlapping schedules, but that might be a bit difficult for mess tables, since dupes with overlapping recreation schedules could still eat at different time (this could be solved by explicitly making a schedule type just for eating).  But I'm not sure on what the justification would be for having sharable assignable furniture.  Maybe if a dupe doesn't have to share a bed or table it gives a boost to quality of life?

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I agree with the tables. But an assigned toilet would certainly give a moral boost for me at my work place. :D

So it could be like this:

  • - Bed not shareable (because I would not share mine with good moral). (Or maybe by sharing you don't get back-sore but on longer term it is -1 moral?)
  • - Toilet not exists then moral -1, public then moral  0, shared (a.k.a. available always) then moral +1, assigned then moral +2
  • - Table shared or assigned moral +1, public table moral 0

An other idea to have multiple bed assigned to a dup. Example: 1 at home base and another far away on an other (mining) base.

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