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Can we expect to see Apiculture take a spot in any updates? Sure we have basic bee housing now. But its too nice and easy. I practically turned all the natural hives into my own bee-houses, and lived off honey(http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=127375818) for the rest of my days, until I tried to kill a koalaphant. Though you could just cheaply tip toe around and change the max honey given to like 4, it would be much more balance-worthy to add onto it. Make it a job to do, to get your honey, for example, treating the bees with chemicals to make them sting less, in order to have a chance(20%) at extracting the honey without being stung/swarmed, interrupting the gathering, or to create some smoker to calm the bees, allowing you to gather 100% of the time(1minute time frame), with an equivalent exchange of materials needed to make the smoker. Like 2rope and 15 reeds to create a 5-use smoker. This could also tie in with the newest Sanity feature. Infuse the nightmare fuel into the beehive to make special bees that only allow the insane people to harvest their special honey.

Bee smoker Posted Image

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