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Gorge recipe book for current in-game recipes

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What I'd like to see implemented from Gorge is the recipe book interface for current in-game recipes for two reasons.

1) It will help newer players who are learning the crockpot to not only understanding that there are multiple ways to create the same recipe, but the fact that there are quite a few recipes they can make. By knowing this, I'd say it would encourage newer players to experiment like players did in the Gorge when trying to figure out recipes, which was fun. 

2) It could help players like me who have a hard time remembering all the recipes and encourage me to eat a more diverse palate rather than the limited one I currently have as well as preventing me from having to go to a wiki constantly if I want to make something I forget how to make. 

For those reasons, I feel that it would add value to cooking in the game.

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